Endowed Scholarship Alumnae

The First Ever Cheryl Jackson Scholarship Recipient – Cinnamon Hobbs

Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Biology

Update from Cinnamon: I am on track for completion of my junior and senior year, and graduation in Spring 2021.  My Senior Capstone in Mathematics team was able to give our presentation to the Durango-La Plata County Airport Commission. I am signed up for an online chemistry class at the beginning of summer, called “natural products from plants”. The professor has a stellar reputation. He promises me I’ll be building chemical apparatus and conducting experiments in my kitchen. I can’t wait! I am also participating in a graph theory research project with math professor Dr. Laura Scull next year. We’ll be doing actual research into mathematical truths that no one has ever done before. Like a dream come true!

I hope you are well. Please pass along my gratitude the AAUW members for their support – and to Cheryl Jackson, Thank you again for all the lives you’ve touched, and for being the kind of person that inspired this scholarship. It means so much to me. I am quite sure you’ve made the world a brighter place.


    • Peggy Jean Rieke Forney 1972
    • Erin Johnson 1979
    • Lou Ann Rice 1979
    • Kathie Larsen 1981/82
    • Sheryl J. Kaufman 1983/84
    • Mary J Gage 1984/85
    • Debra Gonzales 1993/95
    • Janyce Stankewitz 1994
    • Sherri Waggoner 1995
    • Staria Quarto 1996
    • Mary-Ann Agri 1997
    • Maria Hernandez 1998
    • Tiffany Ryan 1999
    • Joanne Spina 1999
    • Corina (Cory) Hollister 2000
    • Terra Anderson 2000
    • Sante Lesh 2001
    • Irene Taylor 2002
    • Jill E. White 2003
    • Julie Falconer 2004
    • Alisha M Gibson 2005