Interest Groups

AAUW Interest Groups—Durango Branch

The activities of the interest groups have either been moved to Zoom or postponed.  Be safe and wear a mask!

Kathleen’s Masks 2020

Zoom Happy Hour – In 2021 we began meeting once a month for a Zoom Happy Hour. We cover a whole range of topics from favorite quarantine past times, favorite beverages with recipes, and meeting each others pets.  Despite the COVID restrictions we have kept our connections with each other.

For more information contact, Cindy Werland

AAUW Edouard Book Club – Our book club season runs from June to May and (under normal circumstances) meets the last Wednesday of each month, except for December, from 2 – 4 p.m. at a member’s house (or, during COVID per Zoom @ 2 pm) and discuss a pre-selected book.  The name Edouard for the book club came from the character in a novel we all read the first year of existence: 1997.  We were all annoyed by one ostentatiously named character.  We did not like him OR his fancy name.  How perfect, we agreed, to name our group after a character full of himself and annoyingly named, as a-tongue-in-cheek jab at ever considering ourselves “highbrow ” or “superior”, and as a reminder to be open to a variety of ideas and never stuffy.  

Edouard Book Club Zoom Meeting, March 2021

A schedule of this year’s readings and guidelines on suggesting books can be found HERE .  All are invited to join.  For information contact Sally Bellerue

Birthday Luncheons – On the third Thursday of every month, members get together at a local restaurant to honor all Branch members whose birthdays fall within that month.  For further information, contact Marilyn Sandstrom

June Birthday Luncheon 2019


LAF (Legal Advocacy Fund) MAHJONG — Members have enjoyed gathering at Durango Joe’s on the first and third Tuesdays of every month to play mahjong.  Each member pays $1 to join the fun and those funds, along with some of the winnings, are donated to the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund.  Come join the fun!  If you’re new to the game, call Katherine Burgess at 970-903-9250 and she’ll arrange a tutorial.

Mahjong game 2019