Traditional Annual Events

Each year we hold some key events.  In the spring we have a Book and Author Event, the Equal Pay Day, and our Annual Branch Meeting.  Later in the year we hold a Fall Luncheon.

Annual Meeting 2023

Watch this space for upcoming details!

Fall Luncheon

Each year we hold a Fall Luncheon to fundraise for the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) grant.  The grant supports the participation of a student(s) to attend the annual conference at the University of Maryland.  The luncheon is a time for us to socialize, celebrate, and hear from a local woman leader.


Equal Pay Day

AAUW annually declares an Equal Pay Day to draw attention to the continuing gender-based wage gap. Local merchants give a 20% discount to women and girls on goods and services on the declared Equal Pay Day. The 20% figure is based on the fact that women’s wages in general lag behind those of men at 20 cents per dollar. 

Book and Author Event

The Annual Book & Author Event is a wonderful social, spring gathering set aside for members and guests to celebrate local authors.  We meet, greet, and eat; we listen and learn; we honor our mission by raising funds to support the education of women and girls.   It is currently a fundraising occasion for the Sandy Brown Scholarship.