Endowed Scholarship Recipients

AAUW Cheryl Jackson Scholarship Recipient – Emilie Parker


My name is Emilie Parker. I grew up in Colorado Springs. I am studying sociology as I hope to help people. My goal is to pursue an MSW after my undergraduate and eventually work as a social worker. When I’m not in school I enjoy getting outside whether that be biking, rafting, or hiking!


AAUW Janet Watson Scholarship Recipient – Brittany Trepanier

Brittany Trepanier is completing her sophomore year at Fort Lewis as a non-traditional student. She is originally from Albuquerque and has trained to become a Registered Dental Assistant. She was lucky enough to work in an office in Sydney, Australia and convinced by the office team to return to school. She is currently pursuing a degree in Cellular Molecular Biology to be prepared to take the DAT and be accepted into dental school. From her thank you letter:

“…not only has the scholarship eased the financial strain…I was having a hard time giving 100% in every class and becoming disappointed in my lack of motivation. When I received this award, I felt a wave of confidence and motivation to keep going rush over me.”

 AAUW Virginia Schoser Scholarship Recipient – Alicia Hansen

 As a non-traditional student, the balance between “real life,” so to speak, and pursuing a college education can be a bit chaotic to juggle, but kind-hearted individuals like yourselves [AAUW] willing to assist students truly helps lighten the load. I’m very excited to jump in and make my dreams a reality. It is through donations such as yours that this becomes possible. I deeply appreciate your willingness to help, and again, thank you so much.

Update 2022: Currently Alicia is continuing in her senior year with plans to graduate in December of 2022. She is in the graphic design and entrepreneur program. In addition she’s been using the extra time doing art and practicing new methods with watercolors, comics, and catching up on some photography projects. She has also been trying her hand at learning Japanese.