Meet your 2017-18 Board Members

Back row: Andrea Dalla, Beanie Archie, Katherine Burgess, Patty Joy, Marilyn Sandstrom, Kathleen Adams    Front Row: Amy Selin, Faye Schrater, Grace Deltscheff, Marcy Jung

Branch Officers and Committee Chairs

AAUW/Durango Branch 2017-18

President                                           Marcy Jung                                      jung_m@fortlewis.edu

Programs                                           Patty Joy                                          pjoy450044@aol.com

Membership                                      Beanie Archie                                 beanieharpo@yahoo.com

Finance                                               Grace Deltscheff                             holgnd@frontier.net

Recording Secretary                         Andrea Dalla                                   andreadalla@rocketmail.com

Communications                               Katherine Burgess                          kaburgess@durango.net

College University Relations            Amy Sellin                                         sellin_a@fortlewis.edu

Scholarship Chair                               Kathleen Adams                             kadams@mcw.edu

Historian                                              Marilyn Sandstrom                         mjschili@bresnan.net

Public Policy Liaison                           Faye Schrater                                  fschrater@icloud.com




Marcy Jung – President
Born and raised in the Midwest, Illinois, I chose to attend Fort Lewis College where my childhood hero, also my aunt, worked.  After graduation, I taught physical education and health while also coaching athletics at Monte Vista Public Schools.  In 1986, I split my time between graduate school and coaching women’s volleyball at Fort Lewis.  After a full and fulfilling career there, finishing my last years as Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Gender & Women’s Studies, I retired in 2013.  I like to call it the best promotion of my life; I retired to be a “stay-at-home” daughter for my Mother.  That was a nourishing and inspiring role that helped me transition into doing, today, the things that meet me at my heart:  AAUW that is committed to the education of women; and Caregiver Outreach, St. Marks that supports my need to acknowledge the beauty and necessity of caregiving.  I am completely honored to serve AAUW-Durango as its president and look forward with the officers and members to furthering our mission and goals.

Kathleen Adams – Scholarship Chair
Kathleen has a BS in Nursing and has worked and volunteered in the medical field for years. She founded a non-profit disease association in 1993, now international, based on the undiagnosed chronic illness of one of her children, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome – a migraine variant. She continues to administer the association and function as the research liaison to the medical team. Her community involvement is broad based and lends itself to her inherent drive to network. She is a board member of the Community Foundation Serving SW Colorado, on the leadership core of the League of Women Voters – La Plata and actively involved in the work of the La Plata County Democrats. She is an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Association from the national to the local level.  Kathleen is widowed but surrounded by the six children and grandchildren who have grown up in her blended family. The family thrives on pushing boundaries and living out their values.


Grace Deltscheff – Treasurer
I was born and raised on a farm in The Netherlands. For the first six grades I attended a one-room school house and then passed the entry exam for a college-preparatory high school in a nearby city.  Upon graduation thereof, studied at/graduated from the Schoevers College in Amsterdam and subsequently worked for an Import Company as the Assistant to the Director.  During that time I had the opportunity of traveling to various European countries.

Married in 1960 and came with my husband to Washington, DC where I worked for an Airline company until our twins were born and I became a stay-at-home Mom. After having lived in Bethesda, Md. and Wyomissing, Pa., my husband was transferred to the Houston, TX area in 1977.  Here I became a student once again and graduated in 1982 from the Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX with an accounting degree and also obtained my CPA certificate.

After having worked for the Getty Oil office in Houston (later taken over by Texaco) in the various accounting departments I retired in 1997 and with my husband moved to this wonderful place called Durango. Became a member of several organizations and joined AAUW in 2004.  This association attracted me in particular because of its support and encouragement to students as well as assisting women in various ways to accomplish their goals.   I have been Branch Treasurer since 2012.


 Patty Joy – Programs







Marilyn Sandstrom – Historian






Amy Selin – College University Relations






Faye Schrater – Public Policy Liaison





Katherine Armintor Burgess – Communications
I was born in Houston, Texas, raised in Fort Worth, got my undergraduate degree (BsEd) at Texas Tech in Lubbock and lived 15 years in Dallas before moving to Durango in 2004.  Fifteen years were spent overseas either working for the Foreign Service or as a Foreign-Service spouse; postings were to Kenya, Tunisia (2), Guinea, Zaire (now Congo), and Switzerland.  Along with my husband, I owned and operated Uptown International Travel in Dallas from 1986 – 2000.  After selling the agency, I earned my Ph.D. in the Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas and taught history, literature and philosophy at Southwest Colorado Community College.  I consider working with AAUW to contribute to the education and growth of women to be pay-back for all the help I had in getting an education, and I appreciate the opportunity to socialize with such active and productive women.  I currently also work part-time as a travel agent from a home office.